To set the day of the collection and to order a number of bags subejct to your needs, please, use BOOK now icon, call us on 017 0868 9989 or e-mail If you are not sure which day is convenient for collection, you can contact us after filled donation bags are returned back to your organisation or as soon as you know most convenient day.
We send bags to your organisation labelled with the agreed collection day.
Please note: you need to order a collection at least two weeks in advance to make sure you have reveived bags in time for them to be distributed, filled in and returned back to your organisation before collection day.
Distribute all the bags received to schoolchildren, teachers, believers, their family members and everyone else willing to participate in fundraising campaign.
Participants fill the bag with second-hand good reusable condition textiles and bring it back to your organisation on the collection day indicated on the bag or as agreed with you.
The list of what we do and do not accept, you can find here: What we accept
Funds4school van comes to collect donation bags on the arranged day.
Our driver weighs bags on calibrated scales fitted in a van on premises of your organization.
We pay directly to the bank account of the organisation for total weight collected.
Please download our informative poster or letter for parents to promote your fundraising campaign: Downloads